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About Chad Baker


As far back as I can remember and before my first photography class at the age of 14, I have always had a camera in my hand. I have been infatuated with capturing the “moment” as I see it. I also love to capture things you see every day in such a way you will say “what is that?”, then when I explain it you say “wow I never would have seen it that way!!” That’s what drives my inspiration in my art is to capture everyday life in such a way that you would never think of. Thus with the intent of inspiring you to also see things differently and think outside the box.

My studies under master photographer Scott Weston for 3 years starting at the young age of 14. I from there studied under Roger Baker for a year at Clark College to further refine my techniques and editing style. With all of the professional training I have had over the years I continuously push the envelope with new ideas and techniques with ongoing courses and workshops related to the photography industry.

I describe my photography as photo-journalistic. With 15 years in the photography business my primary focus is in the corporate and Real Estate field of photography. However, every-time I get a chance to work with a family, Senior or a local band. it makes for a great way to connect with local families and friends in the community.